Guide to download and add Cisco ISE to eve-ng

Download and Add Cisco ISE to Eve-ng: A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Download the Cisco ISE Image for Eve-ng

Before you begin, you’ll need to have the Cisco ISE image file. Below is a table of the supported images for Eve-ng:

EVE Image NameDownloaded FilenameVersionvCPUsvRAMConsoleHDD

These images have been tested and verified in the lab. You can download the Cisco ISE image suitable for Eve-ng from the official Cisco website, provided you have the necessary access rights or service agreement.

Step 2: Create the Cisco ISE Directory in EVE-ng

After securing the proper image, log in to your Eve-ng instance and create a directory for the Cisco ISE image:

mkdir /opt/unetlab/addons/qemu/ise-

Step 3: Upload the Cisco ISE Image to Eve-ng

Utilize a file transfer tool like FileZilla or SCP to upload the Cisco ISE image to the directory you just created in Eve-ng:


Step 4: Fix the Permission

To ensure that Eve-ng can properly access and utilize the Cisco ISE image, you’ll need to adjust the permissions. Run the following command:

/opt/unetlab/wrappers/unl_wrapper -a fixpermissions

Step 5: Add the Cisco ISE Node to Eve-NG and Enjoy!

Now, you’re ready to add the Cisco ISE node to your lab. Open the Eve-ng GUI, and you should see the Cisco ISE image available under the nodes list.

Adding Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) into your Eve-ng environment is an excellent way to expand your lab capabilities for testing and certification preparation. Cisco ISE is a robust identity and access management platform that can help enhance network security and streamline service operations. Below, you’ll find a straightforward guide on how to add Cisco ISE to your Eve-ng setup.

By following the step-by-step guide, you’ve learned how to download and add Cisco ISE image to eve-ng.

Create a dedicated directory on EVE-NG, upload the images, set the correct permissions, and finally, add Cisco ISE nodes to your virtual lab.

This process not only prepares you for high-level certifications like CCIE but also empowers you to test and validate network designs in a safe, controlled setting.

With Cisco ISE now part of your EVE-NG environment, you’re equipped to simulate real-world scenarios, explore ISE’s extensive features, and become proficient in managing and securing modern networks.

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